Declaration of Independence from Stigma!

I have something to tell the world, something I'm tired of hiding behind, something that I'm afraid if people know they will judge me based on it. I will no longer be silenced in fear so here is my declaration of independence from stigma!

I’ve been diagnosed with depression, then bipolar.  I have scars from years of self-injury. I deal with extreme paranoia which makes it hard for me to trust. I put up with domestic abuse even after years of not understanding why people stay with somebody who abuses them. I have OCD tendencies and yes if you attempt to redecorate my house (even slightly move one thing), I will get up & move it back.  I have anxiety that at times I can’t control....

And I am not ashamed.

I have done nothing wrong. I am not to blame for the abuse I suffered or the psychiatric disorders I am diagnosed with. I got therapy and take medication and that does not mean I’m crazy. I will not be silenced or shamed by stigma or societal pressure to keep these things hidden. They are part of my story, and I know they are part of your stories too. Join me in declaring that you will not be silenced by stigma!!!