Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Be bold. Be fierce. Be grateful. Be wild, crazy and gloriously free. Be you.

I’m not the silly romantic you think I am. 
I don’t want the heavens or the shooting stars. 
I don’t want the gemstones or gold. 
I have those things already. 
I want a steady hand. 
A kind soul. 
I want to fall asleep, 
and wake, 
knowing my heart is safe. 
I want to love and be loved.

Darling, the world’s not really against you. 
The only thing that’s against you is yourself.

Its funny how sometimes 
all we needed 
was a line from a song, 
a quote from a book or movie
to realize how we really feel
all we needed was
a smile from a friendly stranger,
a good cup of tea,
a walk in the rain,
an old song
to briefly put us back together 
before we fall apart all over

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, 
for beauty is God’s handwriting.

I don't let people in often
and I mean what I say.
If I tell you you're my friend
that means a lot!
If I tell you I love you 
that is not a phrase or expression
and know that I actually love you
in the best and most
honest ways that I can.

 You can’t force love, I realized. 
It’s there or it isn’t. 
If it’s not there, you’ve got to be able to admit it. 
If it is there, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love.

Always pray to have 
eyes that see the best in people, 
a heart that forgives the worst, 
a mind that forgets the bad, 
and a soul that never loses faith in God.

 Never get tired of doing little things for others. 
Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

 The world bursts at the seams with people 
ready to tell you you’re not good enough. 
On occasion, some may be correct. 
But do not do their work for them. 
Seek any job; ask anyone out; pursue any goal. 
Don’t take it personally when they say “no”- 
they may not be smart enough to say “yes.”

 Life is a school for angels. 
Love is the Teacher, so do your homework without fear. 
Death is merely graduation.

When nobody else celebrates you,
learn to celebrate yourself.
When nobody else compliments you, 
then compliment yourself.
It's not up to other people to keep you encouraged.
It's up to you.
Encouragement should come from the inside.

Experience. Dream. Risk. Close your eyes and jump. Enjoy the freefall. 
Choose exhilaration over comfort. Choose magic over predictability. Choose potential over safety. Make friends with your intuition. Trust your gut. Discover the beauty of the uncertainty. 
Know yourself fully before you make promises to another. 
Make millions of mistakes so that you will know how to choose what you really need. 
Know when to hold on and when to let go. Love hard and often and without reservation. 
Seek knowledge. Open yourself to possibility. 
Keep your heart open, your head high and your spirit free. 
Embrace your darkness along with your light. 
 Be wrong every once in awhile, and don’t be afraid to admit it. 
Awaken to the brilliance in ordinary moments. 
Tell the truth about yourself no matter what the cost. Own your own reality without apology. See goodness in the world. 
Be bold. Be fierce. Be grateful. Be wild, crazy and gloriously free. 
Be you.

 I have found that if you love life, 
life will love you back.

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